Sunday, January 06, 2008

Faithmouse has a logo for the Beijing Olympics

Dan is offering these images free to anyone, you just have to share a link. He said,
"Perhaps we can get this image on page one whenever anyone in the world searches for info on the 2008 Beijing Olympic games in China
Thanks again for helping to communicate to China the fact that the entire world is well aware of their regime of repression.
Go, team!"

The team strategy; link your site with the below listed sites to shoelace our links, giving the logo a greater relevance, and stronger keyword density on search engines like Google. I saw this with my post on Fr. Francis at EWTN, it appears right under the EWTN website itself when you Google EWTN.
Here are sites which are posting the Faithmouse Beijing Olympics Logo:
50 Days After
kaj la hundo iris kun ili. . .
Irish blogs IE
Lina Lamont Fan Club
Olympics in den Ketten
Beijing 2008: Olimpikoj en Cejoj
Free Republic Thread


Unknown said...

Thanks, Leticia!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan, I wrote a post on the Beijing Olympics yesterday and would like to participate in your project. We link back to your blog and all the others that are joining in the effort?

Unknown said...

Thank you, Caoimhin. Yes, please do!

Anonymous said... your post about the dancing man has been Dugg

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

How did you manage to make that into a blogroll? Would you share the code?

Leticia said...

I just copied them painstakingly,one by one. No secrets here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leticia, I guess I mistakenly attributed this site to Faithmouse instead of you! I was thrown off by the title of the post. Sorry! :)