Thursday, November 16, 2006

A New Home by Isabella, age 9

Once upon a time, there lived a family of squirrels; a mom, a dad, and two baby squirrels. They lived in a big tree in a grove, and they were very happy there. One day, when they were gathering nuts for winter, the wind started to get stronger and stronger. They gathered nuts as fast as they could and then they ran up the tree. As the wind started to get even stronger, the tree started to shake and shake, the nuts went flying out, and the tree split in three, and crashed down onto the ground, in three different directions.
Later, the wind began to calm. The squirrels came out of the nest.They were shocked to see that they were on the ground! Mom squirrel said, " Oh no! Our tree has fallen down, and all our nuts have been crushed by the tree, what are we going to do? "" Its OK," Dad squirrel said, " we ’ ll just gather more, and look for a new home, we still have plenty of time before winter". So after they gathered the nuts again, they started to look for another tree.

First, they came across a big, tall tree with fewer nuts. " This looks a lot like our old tree " , said Mom, " yes but it ’s not right " Dad said, so they kept looking.

The two baby squirrels thought, " Why does he turn down such a nice tree? " Then they saw a medium-sized tree with lots of branches and a large hollow inside. " This looks like a nice one, " Mom said, but Dad replied, " it’s still not right", so they went on looking.

Then they saw a small tree with fewer branches and it wasn’t very hollow inside. " Perfect! That’s the one! " Dad said. " This one? ” replied Mom and the babies, looking confused, "But it ’ s so small and it already lost all of its leaves. " "Yes " he said, " but it ’ s not very hollow or tall, that way, when another storm comes, it will not be harmed much, and it has lots of nuts so we can have even more food till spring. It is a small and lonely tree and we will be happy here because it looks like it needs some animals to live there to keep it company ". Mom and the babies were still were not sure, but they agreed.

So after they moved in, they were very happy in their tree, and when hibernation time came, they were all snug and warm in the lonely little tree. But the lonely little tree wasn’t so lonely anymore, thanks to them. And they all lived happily ever after.


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Michelle Wood said...

I am reading the stories posted at the Festival of the Trees.

Your's is a wonderful story, Isabella! The Daddy squirrel was pretty smart to look for a house that the wind couldn't break.